Better sight, better learning

The aim of the Foundation BSBL is to help Ethiopian primary school children with refractive error to improve their school results by providing them spectacles. BSBL works together with local NGO's in Ethiopia.


Help to improve the learning ability of schoolchildren in Ethiopia, whose ability is held back due to eyesight problems.

Our mission

Activities in Ethiopia

  • Contact primary schools in designated areas
  • Meet the parents and explain the project
  • Train teachers to screen their school children
  • Carry out eye examination
  • Provide spectacles for each child who needs it
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Activities in the Netherlands

  • Facilitate exchange projects among schools in Ethiopia and the Netherlands (e.g. establish contact through letters, drawings, e-mails, photos and films)
  • Organise various awareness raising activities about Ethiopia and BSBL
  • Actively look for sponsors
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