About Better Sight Better Learning

Background history

The pilot project "Spectacles for primary schoolchildren" was initiated by Mrs. Z. Haile Michael, an optometrist born in Ethiopia, working in the Netherlands. In 2010/2011, with the cooperation of "Cheshire Services Ethiopia" a local NGO, she carried out a pilot project involving vision screening training in 28 primary schools. The ultimate objective was to provide spectacles for those children in the pilot project who needed them. This was achieved in five of the schools during the course of the project. However, children who needed spectacles in the other 23 schools were not yet able to benefit from the project. There are also many more schools which are in need of vision screening and spectacles. The pilot project was a success due to cooperation with local organizations Signum Vitae, Cheshire Services Ethiopia and Yemisirach Optical Centre.

Eye examinations in classroom Eye screenings trainings at school

Upon her return to the Netherlands, Mrs. Michael initiated the establishment of the Foundation Better Sight-Better Learning (BSBL) in August 2011 with the objective to continue vision screening and the provision of spectacles to Ethiopian primary school children. In the Netherlands, at this moment 14 volunteers are working for the Foundation.

The board

The board consists of the following persons:

  • Zennu Haile Michael – chairman
  • Ton de Klerk - treasurer
  • Jelleke de Nooy – secretary
  • Ayalew Kassahun – member
  • Miriam van der Gugten – member

From left to right: Ton de Klerk, Jelleke de Nooy, Zennu Haile Michael, Miriam van de Gugten and Ayalew Kassahun.

Team Bsbl

Annual report

Annual report 2015 (pdf)

Annual IFA report 2015 – 2016

Annual IFA report 2015 – 2016 (pdf)

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